Make Your  Kitchen Great Again!

Would you trust your kitchen remodeling project to a former U.S. Marine?  Maybe.  Would you trust your kitchen remodeling project to a U.S. Naval Academy graduate?  Possibly.  Would you trust it to a very meticulous craftsman with 21 years experience in the business who demands from himself his best efforts 100% of the time ? Definitely!  It just so happens that I’m all three of the above.  I’m 53 years old, and I still wear a tool belt–when I’m not in front of a computer designing beautiful kitchens.  I’ll be the one showing up to fulfill all those promises I made when I was wearing my salesman/designer hat.

I’ve been remodeling kitchens and bathrooms in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Fort Walton Beach, and Destin, Florida, for over two decades.  I started off in 1995 as a national cabinet refacing franchise, but eventually became an independent operation specializing in traditional kitchen remodeling.  Cabinet refacing–and its euphemisms restyling, rejuvenating, and restoration–is most likely a rip-off evidenced by the smarmy salesmen in starched shirts and ties offering huge discounts if you sign up on the spot.  In fact, most refacing companies–even ma’ and pop–charge almost as much as what I’d charge for new high quality cabinets.  Some charge a lot more.  Read more here.

I’ve been a Bishop Cabinets dealer for about 19 years.  Founded in 1964, they are a small, family-owned, mid-priced, custom-cabinet maker located in Montgomery, Alabama.  Their cabinets are mid-priced, but they have both “high-end” looks and features.  I would never consider using any other American cabinet maker.  I think they are the best in the business.  They always do the right thing and strive for continual improvement.  My customers always tell me that they got a lot for their money.  I agree.  

I know the value of hard earned money. I show my respect for your hard earned money by giving you the best kitchen remodeling experience possible.  You have my word.

Nate Moore

Nate The Cabinet Guy, LLC